Common sense for your web project

How so? We sit down and talk. We talk regularly and openly as we realize your project.

To start, about what your (or your organization's or your business') aspirations are. About what it is you do now and have done in the past. About who it is you're trying to reach, about what they do and think and (above all) need and want and how that jibes with what you're cooking up. About the people and organizations, projects and art, science and method and design you love, and those and that you don't.

If you're operating in a competitive climate, we need to talk about the nature and health of your competition, their offerings and make a comparison with where you are.

davidsonish.org is a full service web bureau that conducts research, strategizes, designs and implements (and reiterates as a means to refine). Our mutual success? It's a mirror of our conversation.

Let's get to talking and get to work.


Patrick Davidson
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